The Park of The Basil was born for initiative of the Province of Genoa (now Città-Metropolitana of Genoa) with the aim to promote the development of the western genoese territory starting with traditional agriculture and in particular, the valuable production of the basil,main ingredient of the renown Genoese sauce “pesto”.

The Park inaugurated in 2006 in Villa Doria Podestà had a further development when it moved to the  new location of Villa Sauli Podest ,brought back to the o
riginal bauty thanksthe restorations of the building funded  from 2009 by The Province of Genoa and from “Città Metropolitana”, with an investment of approximately 5 million euro: the new project, which has been renamed is “Il Mortaio”, and has been inaugurated on 2 May 2016 by Marco Doria(mayor of Città Metropolitana), Angelo Capizzi(principal of the “N. Bergese” school) and Alessandro Repetto(President of “ Fondazione Cif formazione” and former president  of the Province of Genoa).
“Il Mortaio” has agricultural and food  industry,tourism,economic development and vocational training goals, and includes along with the Park of the Basil, also an agricultural  incubator managed by Nino Bergese and Cif formazione schools.

Therefore not only the basil of Prà, the main ingredient of the genoese pesto, the most ligurian sauce,but also typical biscuits and cakes (Canestrelli and Pandolce),wines, honey, jams, rose syrup , olives “taggiasche” and other foodstuff.
“Il Mortaio” will cooperate with local  farmers, manufacturers, restaurants, will  promote seminars in the wonderful location of the auditorium of the villa and will organize dinners in the garden, show cookings and other events aimed at giving the widest visibility to the agricultural and food typical products.